WWMWD? (What Would Molly Weasley Do?)

On the 30th October 1945, magical matriarch Molly Weasley (or Molly Prewett, as she was then) was born. That means TODAY, Molly Weasley is 72 years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY WEASLEY!


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Spoiler-Free Spoilers…

Pretty much everyone who has ever liked something – whether that be obsessively or just an average amount – will know about, loathe, despair of and/or hate on spoilers (and those who post them). Spoilers are the antithesis of the unique excitement and enthusiasm you feel when a new reveal is expected, and there’s nothing worse than having that glorious sense of anticipation ruined and seeing the surprises you’ve been waiting so long for flop.

But given the sheer scale of some of the biggest fandoms – eg Harry Potter – are spoilers now just to be expected, and even accepted? Can you ever hope to avoid them? At what point is something ‘fair game’ to spoil? Is it worse to come across something accidentally or have it maliciously thrown in your line of sight? Should we call out people who spoil, or are we being precious?

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Lockwood & Co – The Screaming Fangirl

OK, so, I actually really enjoyed writing my last post all about books. I especially enjoyed writing about Lockwood & Co, which is my third favourite book series in the whole world. Given this, and given that the fifth and final Lockwood & Co releases TOMORROW, and given that I really like its publicist (hi Jasmine), I figured WHY NOT DO ANOTHER POST? A longer post! A review post! A news post! A shitpost post! This is all of those, and more.


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The Disney Books Tag

Remember when I started this blog and tentatively mentioned it was going to be a fandom/writing blog, not JUST a Harry Potter blog? Yeah, me neither…

HOWEVER I’ve finally been called out on that intention by the rather clever Andrew from Pewter Wolf, who’s asked me to complete the Disney Books Tag – an opportunity to shoehorn in Disney AND books! Not one, but TWO new topics! I mean, we all know that if I’m going to talk about books I’m going to inevitably include Harry Potter at some point… but let’s pretend I read other things too. (I really do. Honest. I work for a publisher after all. And NOT the Harry Potter publisher!)

As far as I can see, each question prompt in the Tag is related in some way to a Disney prince, princess or brand, and we’re supposed to write about a book which contains similar themes. Some of my answers are waayyyy too long because once I start pitching a book I find it hard to stop (#publicistproblems), so as with the Harry Potter Tag I’ve decided to split this into into two parts. Read on for The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and The Lion King!

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Wizarding World Lootcrate Unboxing!

Last week, I received the most exciting news – I had won myself a Wizarding World Lootcrate box from the incredible Dee! If you don’t already know/follow her, ‘The Dee Who Lived’ is the inspiration for this very blog – she’s a brilliant human, proud Hufflepuff and fangirl extraordinaire, so definitely go and check out her Instagram and Youtube channel!

Recently, Dee very kindly ran a giveaway through Youtube asking her followers to plan their ultimate Harry Potter Party – which, given my love for all things magical and my incredible publicist skillz, I JUMPED at! I fully didn’t expect to win (who ever actually wins stuff?!) so when Dee got in touch to say she loved my idea, I was absolutely OVER THE MOON. Her (extraordinary!) prize was a Wizarding World Lootcrate – I’ve never received any kind of subscription box before so had no idea what to expect, but as far as I know this version is the most popular Potter option out there – and now I’ve seen it, I most definitely agree!

I think I got the most recent box, so if you’re still waiting for it or want to order it and be surprised, look away now – otherwise, scroll down to sneak a peek at the AMAZING products I’m still squealing over!

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The Harry Potter Tag – Round 2!

I actually started this blog back in January with a Harry Potter tag that I’d spotted somewhere on the internet. There are however quite a few different versions floating around; so earlier this week I was super excited to have been chosen by the lovely Paige at Books And Belle to complete a second one!

Paige’s original tag did contain a couple of questions that I’ve already answered, so I’ve left those out – you all most probably know my House, Patronus and fave characters very well by now anyway! Without further ado, here’s eleven things you might NOT know…

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Controversial Characters – Hate to Love or Love to Hate?!

A version of this post has been milling around my mind for months now, and after today’s EXCELLENT ‘favourite character’ twitter chat (kicked off by myself and Rachel!) I’m finally ready to put pen to paper. Before we go in, I just want to say that as always, opinions shared here are mine and mine alone, and I absolutely DON’T judge, throw shade or hate on any opinions that differ or disagree. Just because the characters chosen below are who I deem to be controversial or unlikable, it doesn’t mean that they canonically are – in fact, as the chat threw up earlier, some of my most despised wizards and witches are your favourites, and vice versa! I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts, whether you feel strongly one way or the other – it’s SO fascinating seeing what others took from the books and films, and how the same set of words and descriptions and justifications and imaginings have been interpreted by us all!

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