Character Meets – Argus Filch

Although I’m 27 and left my education behind six years ago, I can’t help but feel all the ‘back to school’ vibes around this time of year (ESPECIALLY given the annual magical importance of September 1st!). The majority of my Muggle schooling passed happily, if uneventfully, right up until the very end – when I got handed my Degree certificate by none other than David Bradley, AKA Argus Filch!


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Marmite Characters – Draco Malfoy

It’s been a while since my first blog about controversial characters, where I mainly talked about Snape – since then, I’ve tidied up a few posts, created a few new categories and decided to make this particular topic into a series! I have more than a few marmite opinions up my sleeve, so I’m kicking things off again with my thoughts on everyone’s favourite bad-boy-come-good – Draco Malfoy!

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My Harry Potter Collection – Favourite Items

What’s that? A new post? CAN IT BE?

I’ve unintentionally taken a bit of a blog hiatus recently, due to being on holiday for the majority of July (OK, that was intentional) and then being super busy with work and SECRET NEWS since getting back (the unintentional bit that I’ll probably talk about soon!) Unsurprisingly, I’ve been itching to write about EVERYTHING, and I’ve especially enjoyed everyone else’s Potterific posts over the summer (shout out to Shauna and Ashleigh-Jayne, my favourite fellow witches!) – so I HAD to make my first foray back a Wizarding World one. See here for any previous owl mail you’ve missed, and read on to reveal the magical items I love the most…

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So What Actually IS ”ZERO WASTE” and How Can I Achieve It?

I’ve been living a more ethically-minded life for almost 6 months now, and along the way I’ve constantly heard about (and strived towards) ‘zero waste’ as the ultimate environmental holy grail. But what does ‘zero waste’ ACTUALLY mean, and is it even possible?

Image Credit: Orcas Island Exchange

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@BakingDetective’s Chemical Free Cleaning Fluid Recipe | Guest Post

I am incredibly excited to introduce my very first guest post on this blog, and the first post in what I hope will be a regular series featuring handmade, plastic free, cruelty free and chemical free product swaps! 

Up first is my incredible pal Ellie Bee from @bakingdetectives, sharing the recipe for her homemade chemical free washing up liquid. Ellie is passionate about replacing her everyday essentials with more sustainable options, and you can find her chatting more about this and her love for baking and fictional detectives over on her twitter, Instagram, blog and newsletter!


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Goblet of Fire | Warner Bros Studio Tour

Yes, it’s yet another Studio Tour review (I’ve now been five times and mention my previous trips here and here!) BUT it’s for a good reason – the Goblet of Fire!

Every time I’ve been, there’s been something new or unique on offer at the Tour, and it’s this what keeps me coming back (not that I wouldn’t go ever again otherwise. I’d probably visit every weekend if I could). A few months ago, my sister Sophie and friend Gemma messaged me to say they’d both got some time off and maybe fancied a trip down to London, and as soon as we found out that the Goblet of Fire was coming to the Tour we’d booked tickets faster than you can say Quidditch!

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Harry Potter Plot Holes – Continuity Errors In The Wizarding World!

I’m going to start this post with an immediate disclaimer:  I am in NO WAY having a dig at JK Rowling’s writing or the series in general by pointing out these plot holes. I’m not setting out to be malicious or catty, and I very much hope my comments are taken in the fun, lighthearted and intriguing way I intend them to be!

The idea for doing a blog on plot holes and continuity errors rose from one of my many annual re-reads, at which point I started noticing a few tiny things that didn’t add up – when you’ve concentrated on a text so many times for so long, you start picking up on every little comma and detail! A couple of innocent looking sentences here and there got me thinking IF THIS, WHAT ABOUT THAT?!, and IF NOT X, HOW Y?! – which led me to while away a good few (incredibly enjoyable!) hours deliberating, arguing, researching and speculating.


As a long term fan of Harry Potter, every minute that I spend immersed in the wizarding world is an absolute treat, and when new questions and theories are thrown up after so long it almost feels like we’ve been given brand new material to dive into all over again!

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