Harry Potter And The Cursed Script? | A Cursed Child Opinion Post **CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!**


Readers of my previous blog on the Cursed Child will know that I actually promised TWO posts; one that was safe and spoiler free for all (and which spoke about my utter and unending love for the play itself!) and one that was a bit more salty, a bit more specialised, and a bit LOT more spoiler-filled!

If you’re yet to see/read Cursed Child and DON’T want to know anything about it, stop reading at the end of this paragraph and do NOT click below the insert-more. If you ARE interesting in exploring the plot holes, yays, nays, saving graces and spoilers, read on!

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On big, bigger, and ‘biggest’ fans…

At which point would you consider yourself a fan of something?

Is it:

A) When you’ve read ALL the books available, watched all the films in the series, been to all the events and visited all the locations you possibly can, met the person/Thing in question, filled your home with related merchandise, dedicated your spare time to writing fan-fiction, sought out other fans to be your best friends and spent all your spare money on the very LATEST item?

Or is it:

B) The simple act of actually liking something? Regardless of how much or how little of your time/wages/headspace/home you (can) dedicate to it?


Is there a hierarchy of fans, from the ‘top’ to the ‘bottom’?

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Cursed Child – #KeepTheSecrets Reaction Post (spoiler-free!)

Cursed Child – #KeepTheSecrets Reaction Post (spoiler-free!)

I’ve been umming and ahhing for a while about how to write my review of the Cursed Child, and whether to include spoilers or not. After seeing it, I wasn’t sure HOW I could react appropriately without mentioning detail and context, and it felt a bit disingenuous to share my thoughts without explaining the whys and hows behind my feelings!

However, this play is one of the biggest spoilers in spoiler history, and I wanted to make a post that could be read by all Harry Potter fans, regardless of where they are in their own individual Cursed Child waiting lines – whether they’d seen the play or not, or are yet to, or even have no plans to!

I’ve therefore decided to split my ‘review’ into TWO posts. This one, which will be a spoiler-free emotional reaction to the play/staging/experience itself, and a later one, which will contain wider plot and character details and reveal my personal likes and dislikes. So if you want to #KeepTheSecrets, or are even just curious as to what I thought overall, read on – you’re safe here!

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Hogwarts in the Snow | Warner Bros Studio Tour

Hogwarts in the Snow | Warner Bros Studio Tour

Last weekend (last Saturday, in fact! At precisely one week to the hour since writing this blog post!) I had the immense and incredible pleasure of visiting Hogwarts in the Snow at the Warner Bros Studio Tour. I’ve now been to the Tour four times, and seen something different and new every single time (you see, *insert naysayers names here*, that’s why you need to keep going back!) – including the Forbidden Forest, the Hogwarts Express, Warwick Davis himself and the pinnacle of all – HOGWARTS AT CHRISTMAS.

We actually somehow managed to book tickets for the VERY FIRST DAY of Hogwarts in the Snow, so were amongst the first Muggles (speaking in broader terms here, as obviously I’m a Weasley) to see the magic the the Tour team had created. We also learnt, to my surprise, that whilst Hogwarts in the Snow is an annual event, they actually change the decorations and theme slightly every year, so even THAT is different each time – definitely an excuse to go even more, every winter! This year, the theme is ‘The Yule Ball’, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful in my life.

If you don’t want spoilers, look away now, because I’m going to be sharing a LOT of photos below (and even they come nowhere near to doing it justice!)

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A History of Magic at the British Library

As you’ll already know if you follow me on twitter or instagram, this past weekend was one of the most magical times of my entire life – my sister Sophie trundled down to London for a visit, and we managed to pack in the House of Mina Lima, A History of Magic at the British Library, Hogwarts in the Snow at the Warner Bros Studio Tour, the big Primark Harry Potter cave AND (FINALLY!!!) Cursed Child!!! Plus the obligatory traipse around Kings Cross and the Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9&3/4…

The hashtag for our most wonderful weekend? #HARRYPOTTEREXTRAVAGANZA of course!

I’ll be doing a blog about each day, because there are truly too many emotions to pack into one post – I still haven’t really recovered from Cursed Child, so that one may need to hang on until my brain has stopped screaming and my eyes have stopped leaking… but for now, let’s talk about A HISTORY OF MAGIC!

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